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Leather Artist

Claire Renaud is a juried memeber of the League of NH Craftsman. Though she is multi-talented in the arts her main love affair(subject to change with an artists whims) is working with Leather, particularly the ancient art of Cuir Bouilli AKA "Boiled Leather". Claire likes to say that leather found her as her medium of choice. As an artist where recycling is a high priority many of Claires items use recycled materials. For example, She has an entire leather collection using items found on her morning runs

You can see a catalog of many of her leather items by clicking below

Claire Renaud Leather Art

Fiber Artist

Claire Renaud is also a juried memeber of the League of NH Craftsman in Fiber. Though her main love affair is working in the leather arts she also gets great enjoyment out of her fiber talents also. Maker of the "World's Best Mittens" and the best Overnight Bags in the universe Claire has a multitude of ideas that she turns into useful and practical works of art. Almost all Claires art incorporates some type of recycling. Most of her Fiber work is done using vintage fabrics. Sewing since she was old enough to reach the pedals working with fiber fabrics comes natural to Claire.

Claire Renaud Fiber Art


Leather Bracelets Claire Renaud Art
Claire Renaud Art Claire Renaud Art

Click Here for more Photos of Claire Renauds Leather Art
Click Here for more Photos of Claire Renauds Fiber Art

Please email if interested in purchasing any of Claire's works opossibly have a special item made just for you.

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